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I’m literally so worried that someone is cheating on my behalf - I’ve sent a message to the awards blog outlining a few things but really, it’s just upsetting. I’d like to believe that the votes I have were gained legitimately, but I cant help but think that in no way would I ever get 66 votes on a poll, no matter how many followers I have.

I’m gonna head offline now because it’s almost 4am and I need sleep, I really hope whatever this issue is, is cleared up tomorrow.

Goodnight xoxo

07-23 • 3:55
i would say u were rigging the poll urself but ur from the south west of england according to your faq and most of the red on the geo map are from us and scotland plus you seem really upset about it
  1. I am very upset about it because I am worried that my votes aren’t genuine now that I’ve seen that PSA.
  2. I wouldn’t never rig a poll myself, that’s just really horrible to the others.
  3. I am from the South West of England.

07-23 • 3:44
'#great now im worried that one of my friends is cheating for me or something because in reality why ould i ever get over 60 votes???' dont think like that honey. If someone is cheating for you that's really bad but dont put yourself down like that because you're awesome and i really think that you have enough awesome people that love you to vote for you, not to mention your follower count and how many times you've told us about the poll xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx you're worth every last vote xxxxxxxxxxxx

This is really sweet and all, but I’m still concerned now if there’s been cheating going on, it’s so unfair to everyone else on the poll if someone has found a way to cheat and that’s really shitty. I don’t think I deserve that many votes and if I find out someone is cheating for me I’m definitely going to drop out of the runnings because it’s 100000% not fair to the other people on the poll.

I have spread the word about the poll to some friends, but not many outside of tumblr really, and I have made a few posts here. I guess it is plausible that the votes could be real, as you said, I do have quite a few followers.

If any of my friends have found a way to somehow rig that poll or multiple-vote or something like that, stop now please. Please.

07-23 • 3:34



I’ve noticed some weird increases in votes and also the geographical breakdown shows some weird places.

I’m not saying anyone is cheating but honestly, I’m a bit suspicious. If you are somehow gaining votes in a none legit way please stop. I get it, everybody wants to win, but do you really want to win if it’s not real?

(Also, the gifmaker poll has a glitch after some changes. So thebellamyblake’s amount of votes is incorrect. So just subtract 35 votes from their total.)

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sometimes i think that if I had to write a summary for briannas blog from her pov it would just be like:


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can you just imagine how touch starved Clarke has to be though

like solitary for that long has got to do something to a person, and if it’s mental she’s done pretty well at hiding it, so what if it’s physical? can you imagine it? like

touch staved!Clarke who revels in the little touches that she and Bellamy constantly share

touch starved!Clarke who later admits to herself that a good deal of the reasoning behind her sleeping with Finn was because of how good it felt to have someone’s body against hers

touch starved!Clarke who nearly goes insane in Mount Weather

and I can just imagine everyone catching on too and being totally cool with it and even helping her out

like Octavia coming up and saying she needs her across camp and instead of just leading her over she takes Clarke’s hand and pulls her the whole way

Raven making sure when they’re sitting next to each other to press their sides together as much as possible, just for the way that Clarke relaxes against her

Jasper resting his head on her shoulder instead of just leaning over her when he gets curious and wants to see what she’s doing (and then completely regretting it cause oh god that’s bloody Clarke gross you could have warned me oh my god how are we both not puking right now but not pulling away either)

Bellamy acting totally casual when either one of them stays too late in the other’s tent talking about various leader-y duties and trying not to smirk when Clarke agrees easily - albeit suspiciously - to him suggesting they just spend the night together (she wakes up with her whole body pressed against his every time, and she’s never sure which one of them it is who moved during the night)

(it’s usually her, but sometimes it’s him, either because she’s making these little noises in her sleep or because - well, she’s not the only one a little touch starved okay?)

Monty, when they’re in Mount Weather, pressing his hand to the glass of his window with hers on her own window mirroring his everyday when they’re in lockup for hours just because he knows it helps her, at least somewhat, in some way

Clarke hugging every single one of what’s left of the hundred when they eventually get out, literally just wandering through the crowds of them and grabbing them they melt into them of course

Clarke staying awake because she can’t sleep very well these days and spending her time brushing hair out of the faces of the people closest to her

not knowing they do the same to her whenever she finally crashes

touch starved!Clarke Griffin (⊙__⊙✿)


#both of you are unfair #unfairly pretty #seriously though #killian your eyes are so blue and honest and urghhh you are just so damn attractive #and emma #emma you are just perfect #perfect hair  #perfect eyes #perfect face #i love the way he looks at her #i love the way she looks at him #i love the way they look at each other #pls never stop

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3/6 life ruiners: Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III 

I was so afraid of becoming my dad. Mostly because I thought I never could. How do you become someone that great, that brave, that selfless? I guess you can only try.

arrow graphic battle | light vs dark
cheekyhook vs ohlicity

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Mason in every episode: s04e05 “I.E.D.”

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me? have a boyfriend? no, i try to focus on the more important things in life

like crying over character development







Stiles being an asshole over actual problems that are a huge struggle for people. I like Stiles, but lately I’ve been annoyed with how he’s been written. Poking fun at the kid who’s just been told he has a mental disorder isn’t funny, i don’t see how in any way that would be funny.

Or when Isaac spoke about abuse, which scars you forever by the way. Memories stay with you forever

after ethan says the twins were abused by their old pack:

it doesn’t make any sense to me that stiles would make comments like this.i always thought of him as a caring character. & he’s suffered mental illness recently why would he mock liam?

He’s always been like that, though. Like—okay, maybe you don’t like that aspect of his character and yes, there’s a lot of inconsistent writing, but this isn’t one of those things.

The thing is, the thing that I feel like a lot of people like to kind of ignore when it comes to Stiles, is he’s a little bit of a sociopath and maybe also a little bit of a psychopath. I don’t have a degree in psychology so I can’t really break down the difference between the two, especially since they have a lot of crossover, but I find it incredibly likely that Stiles has a combination of physical dysfunction in his brain and emotional-slash-mental trauma, most likely from his mother’s death and being in the room with her when it happened, that has completely skewed his ability to operate on a healthy, normal social level.

I truly and legitimately believe that Stiles has a fundamental difficulty, if not actual inability, to see other human beings as worthy of his empathy from the moment he meets them. I think he’s a misanthrope at heart, and mostly sees human beings as annoyances. He has to learn to care about each person individually. Not that he can’t or doesn’t care about some people, because he very clearly does, but he also has a pre-established tendency to cling very tightly to the people he does care about, very likely to an unhealthy level. Stiles doesn’t really do casual friends (most people do). He has very close friends or not at all. This is in part because he’s that guy. I hate to say it because he’s the fandom’s darling but Stiles is one hundred percent the guy who would give you creepy vibes if he went to your high school. He’s a publicly suspected criminal (felon? I haven’t looked up whether it’s a felony or not but I presume that kidnapping is a felony) with a restraint order against him, which we obviously saw Jackson didn’t mind mentioning at the drop of a hat. He looks at high glossy photos of graphic murders in the middle of Econ class.

Let me repeat that:

He looks at high glossy photos of graphic murders in the middle of class.

It isn’t that he doesn’t understand that these things violate social mores. He’s too smart for that. It’s that he doesn’t care. He has to learn to care with each new situation and each new individual. He often fakes caring because he knows Scott cares. Go back through the series and look at how many times Stiles does the right thing because Scott directly asked him to. Scott is Stiles’ conscience. I am fairly convinced in most situations, if Stiles has an internal conscience at all he simply doesn’t give a shit about it and stopped listening a long time ago.

He reacts to stress by running his mouth. When he’s in a high-stress situation, the first thing that goes is his give-a-damn about whether or not he’s hurting peoples’ feelings. He says what he thinks needs to be said, or what’s on his mind, and it occurs to him after he’s said it that maybe it was over the line. He even does this to Scott in the first season. The very first season, to his very best friend, one of the few people in the show we have been given reason to believe Stiles does legitimately care about.

Stiles makes these comments because he does not care that he’s hurting people or poking at old scars. He knows they’re effective because he shares those scars. It’s completely hypocritical of him, too, because I guarantee you if the tables were turned and someone was speaking in that way to him he’d take it badly. (Whether I think he’d shut down and collapse into himself or lash out violently depends on a lot of variables).

In short: he’s Sherlock Holmes, he’s not John Watson. He cares about very few people, deeply, and does things because they want him to, and he cares about solving puzzles for the sake of solving puzzles. He’s not an inherently caring character. Stiles has to work to care, and requires people to justify to him their worthiness of his caring, and yes, that’s a terrible thing for him to do.

God bless this post! When I first saw this and saw people complaining about Stiles acting mean I was about to swoop in and say exactly what has been said above.


You have to freaking accept and understand that this  is Stiles! Stiles Stilinski is not  a PACK MOM. Dear god, n o !

Stiles Stilinski will do everything and anything to make sure you know he doesn’t care about you when he, in fact, doesn’t care about you. But on the other hand, if he has accepted you, and cares for you, he will cling to you, worry about you and even kill for you! ( And, die for you, duh. )

But this leads to something else I wanted to say and seeing how this post is already long, me making a little longer shouldn’t be an issue: The thing is, just because Scott is an angel, which he really is, doesn’t mean Stiles plays by his rules. He will play dirty. He will kick you in your freaking balls if that means he can win Scott a few more seconds and he will kill or at least try to kill who ever it is that endangers the safety of his friends and families.

I repeat:

 Stiles Stilinski is not a Pack Mom, no matter how much this fandom still  insists on him being one. He’s the creepy uncle you don’t want to sit around with because he talks about murder, blood and all the disgusting things that you really don’t want to hear about.

Also a huge thank you to skinnydefenselessheroism for writing that.

you and barbecuedgrounders are neck and neck in the friendliest blogger poll, both with 52 votes!!!

whoa hold up what


no that cant be right.





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Toothless playing in the grass (/^▽^)/.